Goulds Water Technology, Winsupply Sponsor Interactive Presentation of Awesome Aquifer Kits

Volunteers from water technology provider Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand, and wholesale distributor Winsupply Lubbock, Texas, Co. sponsored an interactive presentation of Awesome Aquifer Kits to 80 students on April 23 at Lubbock-Cooper School Farm in Lubbock, Texas.

Awesome Aquifer Kits, which are produced and sold by The Groundwater Foundation, are educational tools that provide hands-on experiments exploring groundwater science. Volunteers from Goulds Water Technology and Winsupply assisted students through various experiments that focus on the water cycle, aquifer recharge, and aquifer remediation.

Goulds Water Technology purchased and donated the kits to Lubbock-Cooper School Farm as part of their ongoing effort to introduce Awesome Aquifer Kits and interactive groundwater education to classrooms across the country. The presentation was also sponsored by the Xylem’s Watermark program, which offers volunteer opportunities to Xylem customers and employees to educate and solve water issues.

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