WWJ Catching Up with Jeff Williams, MGWC, CVCLD, May 2020

Jeff Williams, MGWC, CVCLD, the vice president of Spafford & Sons Water Wells in Jericho, Vermont, and the 2016 president of the National Ground Water Association, answers questions on March 25 about his company’s response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in May’s “Catching Up” video interview. The 2020 Groundwater Foundation McEllhiney Lecturer shares how NGWA’s COVID-19 Discussion Group on Facebook has been helpful in soliciting feedback and provides his company’s protocol below the video.

NGWA has a dedicated webpage for COVID-19 news and resources, including an essential employee sample letter.

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Spafford & Sons Coronavirus/COVID-19 Protocol
In an effort to reduce exposure to outside contamination, we are instituting several protocols. Foremost among them are “Social Distancing” and “Sterilization.” Our purpose is to limit the exposure in the organization and keep our doors open. A message has been sent to our customers, outlining our commitment to them and asking for their cooperation in the effort to slow the spread of infectious disease.

If you are sick and/or exposed to Covid 19, stay home, call your doctor, and follow their advice for testing and/or self-isolation. A doctor’s note will be needed for your return to work.

If anybody in your home is sick and/or exposed to Covid 19, you are to stay home until cleared by a medical professional.

To limit shop exposure:

We will be working in two-person teams and staggering start times (see below). Each team will have their own truck/service bay and be responsible for making certain it is stocked and cleaned daily. This will begin Tuesday, March 17, 2020. The staggered start times are so each team can come in, get what they need for the day, and get on the road to jobs. If communal vehicles are used in the execution of your job, THOROUGHLY WIPE EVERYTHING DOWN (with disinfectant) before the end of your shift.

When handling inventory, please wipe down anything you are returning to the shelves thoroughly with a disinfectant.

When cleaning your truck, please wipe down door handles, steering wheel and controls; bring all refuse to the Dumpster/recycle bin. DO NOT leave it in the shop for somebody else to clean up.

Team 1: 6:30 am Team 2: 7 am Team 3: 7:30 am
Truck: 2017 Truck: 2014 Truck: Filtration
Employee A
Employee B
Employee C
Employee D
Employee E
Employee F

Every truck was given a hand sanitizer last week. Please use it before and after every service call. Please WASH YOUR HANDS; the CDC recommends 20 seconds of sudsing and thorough rinsing.

Please use sanitizer wipes for door handles and any communal tools you use during the course of the day.

We are working on getting a sufficient supply of nitrile gloves for use when doing service in a customer’s home.

Limited office access: 

We can communicate through the shop/office window, email, telephone and text. If you need something from the photocopier, we will work out the most efficient way (given proper social distancing) to get you what you need. Daily Service sheets and daily paperwork will be left outside in the bins currently used for timesheets.

Limiting exposure through customer contact:

Our office is screening calls for anybody who is ill, has traveled recently, and/or has a compromised immune system. Please read any notations on customer paperwork.

Restriction on unnecessary stops: 

The fewer stops made, the less chance of exposure. Please do not stop at convenience stores, hardware stores, etc. with company vehicles.