WOTUS and Clean Power Plan Executive Orders Under Development

Published On: March 6, 2017By Categories: Newsline
President Trump is working on keeping a campaign promise to get rid of some of President Obama’s environmental rules by drafting executive orders to roll them back.

The Waters of the United States rule (WOTUS), which expanded those waters under the jurisdiction of EPA, appears to be one of the first Trump hopes to get rid of, even though the rule is currently going through the court process and was issued a stay in 2016.

The rule has long been a target for conservatives who view it as federal government overreach. Legislation was also introduced in the House to nullify the rule.

In addition to WOTUS, the Clean Power Plan, which requires states to come up with plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, also is likely to be on the chopping block. The Clean Power Plan is also making its way through the court process after several states sued.

WOTUS and the Clean Power Plan were hallmark regulations of the Obama administration. WOTUS afforded some protections of groundwater but could also negatively impact irrigation well markets. On the other hand, the Clean Power Plan would likely encourage installation of geothermal heat pump systems.

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