Well Owner’s Mobile App Developed by NGWA for Private Well Owners

Private well owners will be able to to schedule automatic reminders about important aspects of water well stewardship such as water testing, well maintenance, and groundwater protection, thanks to a new smartphone app from NGWA.

The app, which NGWA is developing under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant, also will allow well owners to access at their fingertips information pertinent to water well and groundwater stewardship. NGWA hopes to make the free app available late in April.

“A big challenge in helping homeowners to be good stewards of their water well systems is make it easier for them to act in ways that protect their water quality,” said Cliff Treyens, NGWA director of general public outreach. “This app will make it easier for well owners to address the basics that protect their water quality and well system operation.”

The app will enable well owners to set customized reminders about water testing, well maintenance, and groundwater protection. For example, a well owner can schedule a prompt to test for specific constituents such as bacteria and nitrate, or any contaminant of local concern. The reminders also can be scheduled for various intervals from annually to more frequently.

In the same way, well owners can schedule various types of well maintenance and groundwater protection checks at different intervals.

Equally important, NGWA is developing a corresponding webpage to allow persons without smartphones to schedule the same reminders via their computers. The web version also is expected to be available this month.

Both the app and corresponding web version are tools NGWA members can use with customers to help them be good stewards of their well systems and groundwater, and have greater confidence in their drinking water quality.