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New This Month

Watch a video interview with drilling veteran Gary Shawver, MGWC, who discusses advancements of today’s drilling rig and practical tips to extend the life of your rig.
  Read about keeping focused on core principles when it comes to well construction by Michael J. Schnieders, PG, PH-GW.
Learn how many factors play a role in whether a borehole deviates or not in an article by Christopher S. Johnson, PG, Chg.
Watch a video interview with industry professional Eric Macias who discusses the latest developments on solar pump systems.

Business Management

View web extras from the cover story, “An Opportunity Awaits,” in the May 2018 issue of Water Well Journal by NGWA Manager of Regulatory Affairs Chuck Job. Included are handouts and the PowerPoint presentation from his session at Groundwater Week 2017 as well as a sample business plan.
   How the Internet can be a valuable tool in finding employees is the subject of an article by freelance writer Lana Straub. In the Water Well Journal web exclusive, “Good Help Hard to Find?“, she shares her company’s experience with one of the popular online job databases, Indeed.
 Tony Verillo presented a webinar in the fall 2016 for the National Ground Water Association titled “Legally Structuring Your Business Activities to Comply with New Electronic Logging Device Laws” and it is one you need to watch. This 45-minute online presentation will provide you with a refresher on hours-of-service laws and review the new federal law regarding ELDs to help you determine best practices to ensure proper compliance.
 Download an infographic on making sales presentations conversational created by the National Ground Water Association. It provides tips to aid you with your customer presentations and can be posted in your office.


Learn smart practices for good well design in an article by industry veteran Christopher S. Johnson, PG, Chg.

Groundwater Quality

Get tips on well disinfection in an article by 2017 McEllhiney Lecturer Michael J. Schnieders, PG, PH-GW.

Get details on the importance of evacuation and purging of a well from 2017 McEllhiney Lecturer Mike Schnieders, PG, PH-GW.

National Ground Water Association

View a photo slideshow of Groundwater Week 2017, December 5-7 in Nashville, Tennessee, where 4006 attendees made it the 20th most attended show.


Watch a video interview with industry veteran Denis Crayon, CHST, who spoke on a variety of safety-related topics in June’s 2018 “Catching Up.”

Read an article by industry veteran Gary L. Hix, CWD/PI, focusing on the necessary safety measures you must take with visitors at a working jobsite.
Download an infographic on working in extreme heat created by the National Ground Water Association. It is ideal to post in your office so the important information can be seen be all employees.
Read a guide titled The Dangers of Using a Mobile Phone Behind the Wheel, which contains valuable information for those whose jobs have them driving regularly. While the regulations discussed pertain to the United Kingdom, the advice is applicable to all drivers on the road.

Well Rehabilitation and Maintenance

Watch a video interview with industry veteran Neil Mansuy who shares tips on well rehabilitation July’s 2018 “Catching Up.”

Learn the importance of understanding the chemistry of well water when using chemicals and acids in rehabilitation procedures from Christopher S. Johnson, PG, Chg.

Read how industry veteran Michael J. Schnieders, PG, PH-GW, believes groundwater corrosion needs better understanding.

Learn why educating customers on the importance of well service and maintenance is critical to the life of a well system in an article by Michael J. Schnieders, PG, PH-GW.

Read why it’s important to understand well efficiency development as wells age in an article by Christopher S. Johnson, PG, Chg.