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John Fowler, CSP, CMSP, discusses
fatigue, driver safety, and mental health.

David Messina, CSP,
shares how his company keeps its drilling crews safe.

John Fowler, CSP, CMSP, discusses safety meetings and communication.

John Fowler, CSP, CMSP, discusses reporting near misses and hazards.

John Fowler, CSP, CMSP, covers a variety of safety topics in the water well industry.

Common Sense and Safety

Jeff Williams, MGWC, CVCLD, talks COVID-19.

Always refuel your equipment in a way that keeps yourself,
others, and your vehicle safe from damage.

Before you begin working with a new chemical, always reference the SDSs.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and it starts with good safety meetings.

Watch the video interview with Bill Lillich who discusses a variety of safety topics.

Watch a video interview with industry veteran Denis Crayon, CHST, who spoke on a variety of safety-related topics in June’s 2018 “Catching Up.”

Read an article by industry veteran Gary L. Hix, CWD/PI, focusing on the necessary safety measures you must take with visitors at a working jobsite.
Learn how to engage with well owners about groundwater by Gary Hix, RG, CWD/PI, the 2019 Groundwater Foundation McEllhiney Lecturer.
Download an infographic on working in extreme heat created by the National Ground Water Association. It is ideal to post in your office so the important information can be seen be all employees.
Read a guide titled The Dangers of Using a Mobile Phone Behind the Wheel, which contains valuable information for those whose jobs have them driving regularly. While the regulations discussed pertain to the United Kingdom, the advice is applicable to all drivers on the road.