Web-Only: Groundwater Quality

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Water-Right Inc.’s Brad Walsh discusses water treatment .

Water well safety during extreme weather and contamination of wells is discussed.

NGWA’s Bill Alley, Ph.D., discusses PFAS and ways to calm well owners.

Eric Duderstadt explains why using a certain range of chlorine is important.

Watch the video interview with Avram Frankel, PE, who discusses PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.

Read how a better understanding of the conditions downhole can be critical to managing a well system more effectively, according to Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW.

Learn how to think longer term in planning and executing well construction and maintenance projects in an article by Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW.

Get tips on well disinfection in an article by 2017 McEllhiney Lecturer Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW.

Watch a video interview with industry professional Eric Macias who discusses the latest developments on solar pump systems.

Get details on the importance of evacuation and purging of a well from 2017 McEllhiney Lecturer Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW.