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He established the company in 2012 with a goal to provide the best products and service throughout the Northeast.

By Mike Price

Due to the rigors of water well drilling, behind every contractor’s business is a supply parts company ready to assist when needed.

Jeff Cummings’ Services LLC is an authorized reseller of Epiroc rock drilling tools. Photos courtesy Jeff Cummings’ Services.

Jeff Cummings’ Services LLC in Warner, New Hampshire, was established in 2012 by Jeff and Suzanne Cummings with the help of Bunny and Janice Roberts of JB Drilling Supplies LLC in Southwest Harbor, Maine.

Cummings serves the Northeast with the goal of providing the best products and service. The company is an authorized reseller of Epiroc rock drilling tools.

Ted Rolfe of Kennebec Well Drilling in Farmingdale, Maine, credits Cummings for helping his new business get off the ground.

“I’ve done this my whole life, but my son (Noah) and I just started our own business in 2019, so Jeff was a big help for us,” Rolfe says. “Just knowing he’s there and that we can buy our parts from him—especially considering he sells Epiroc products.

“Jeff is very responsive and works crazy hours. He and I chat quite a bit and I can call him in the morning at 5 o’clock and he’s already on the road. He lives in New Hampshire, but he covers a good part of New England.”

Rolfe runs a 1999 REICHdrill T650W2 drill rig with an Epiroc QLX DTH hammer. He purchases his drill bits and hammers from Cummings along with other parts.

Jeff Cummings

“There are so many little things on these machines and he’s really good about his hydraulics,” Rolfe shares. “He has a pretty good variety of hydraulic motors. He even carries those little parts that you might not think of like the handles for the valves that are easily replaceable. He tries to keep track of what wears out often and makes sure he carries plenty of that.

“We buy filters from him and oil from him at times. One of the nicest things about Jeff is that he has a huge inventory. For a fairly small operation at this point, he makes sure he carries product because we’re like anybody—if you don’t have it, you can’t sell it. If we can’t buy it, you go somewhere else.”

Cummings entered the industry repairing equipment at Ingersoll-Rand from 1987-1990 in Southboro, Massachusetts. He built a wealth of experience, conducting field service work for Ingersoll-Rand from 1995-2001, as a service technician for Versa-Drill’s Northeast Service branch in New Hampshire from 2003-2005, and later as a field service technician at Atlas Copco.

Water Well Journal checked in with Cummings, who was at Groundwater Week 2021, December 14-16 in Nashville, Tennessee, helping answer questions about the features of Epiroc’s TH60, to learn more about how he supports contractors’ operations.

Water Well Journal: Which service or parts requests do you receive the most from customers?
Jeff Cummings: Customers request hammer and bits deliveries, and hammer service the most.

WWJ: In August 2020 you became an Epiroc partner and rotary drill rig distributor. How has it been and what does the future look like for Epiroc rigs in the water well market?
Cummings: Becoming a partner with Epiroc has been a great experience for us. It has opened an opportunity to sell more parts and service, and we sold our first rig this year. I see a strong future for Epiroc in the water well industry.

WWJ: What are the most common drill rig problems you service throughout the year?
Cummings: The most common rig services we provide are changing feed cables, compressor regulation repairs, and hydraulic repairs.

WWJ: What’s the percentage of work you do between drilling equipment versus construction equipment?
Cummings: We currently service drilling equipment, yet sell parts and consumables to utility and marine contractors as well as the drilling industry. We primarily service Epiroc, Ingersoll-Rand, and Atlas Copco drill rigs; yet we also service other makes of rigs.

WWJ: What preventative maintenance tips do you commonly share with customers for drill rigs and drill bits?
Cummings: I recommend that customers change filters and oil at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

WWJ: Regarding drill bits, what are the most common requests and questions you get from customers?
Cummings: The most common request we get about drill bits is to deliver them as soon as possible. The most common question we get about drill bits is which bit should they use for their current application.

WWJ: What’s your favorite part of the water well industry?
Cummings: Getting to know our customers and vendors and their families.

WWJ: How has it been working alongside your wife since 2012?
Cummings: We work well together as a team—not only my wife, Suzanne, but our daughter, Jenny, too.

WWJ: Which skill would you like to sharpen in the next 12 months?
Cummings: We look forward to having our inventory well organized. We have purchased more racking and small part shelves. This is not my strongest skill, yet Suzanne and Jenny excel at it.

WWJ: Which drill bit designs are you most excited about in 2022?
Cummings: There are new carbide buttons for bits that will be coming out in 2022 that are designed for durability.

WWJ: How has your job evolved in providing products and service to the industry through the COVID-19 pandemic and now a parts and materials shortage?
Cummings: The past two years have been our busiest years since we started serving the Northeast. Many people have moved north, away from large cities. That has produced an increase in new construction needing water wells. We are fortunate to have had Jenny as part of our team during this time. We pre-order drilling supplies to ensure our supply remains well stocked.

WWJ: What are you hearing most from customers?
Cummings: I think the water well industry looks strong due to all the new construction and geothermal heat pump wells. Most of our customers have work lined up for 2022.

WWJ: Lastly, do you plan on offering any new services in 2022?
Cummings: We would like to offer rig rebuilds—from complete overhauls to partial rebuilds.

Mike Price is the senior editor of Water Well Journal. In addition to his WWJ responsibilities, Price contributes to the Association’s scientific publications. He can be reached at mprice@ngwa.org, or at (800) 551-7379, ext. 1541.

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