NGWA President-Elect Provides Advice for Well Owners and Fellow Contractors in Preparation of Hurricane Dorian

Merritt Partridge, CVCLD, vice president of Partridge Well Drilling Co. Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida, and president-elect of the National Ground Water Association Board of Directors, provided advice in a video interview below for both well owners and fellow contractors in preparation of Hurricane Dorian.

According to NGWA’s “Groundwater Use in Florida” resource document, the last American Housing Survey Census indicates this region had 4,360,000 households served by residential wells (U.S. Census Bureau 2013), with an average of 2.65 persons per household (U.S. Census Bureau 2013 American Community Survey).

The National Hurricane Center said Dorian was expected to hit the northwestern Bahamas on Sunday, September 1, as a Category 3 storm. It is then projected to develop into a Category 4 storm and make landfall on Florida on Monday evening, September 2 (Labor Day), into Tuesday morning.

As of August 30, there was a wide cone of uncertainty of the storm since it was days from landfall on Florida, said CNN Meteorologist Rob Shackelford. Dorian already has claimed the title of strongest storm so far of the Atlantic hurricane season.

More information for well owners can be found at