Trump’s FY2018 Budget to Be Released May 23; Major Cuts Expected

Published On: May 22, 2017By Categories: Newsline
Following up on the “skinny” budget released in March, the Trump administration will release its complete budget for fiscal year 2018 on May 23.

The skinny budget had substantial cuts across non-defense discretionary spending, cutting EPA by 31 percent, and large cuts forecasted across the Departments of Interior and Energy as well. The complete budget will include program specifics for each federal agency.

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney will likely handle the roll-out of the budget, as President Trump will be overseas. While the budget will outline the President’s priorities, Congress is ultimately responsible for determining funding levels for agencies and programs.

NGWA plans to respond to the FY2018 budget, weighing in with Congress and the White House if programs that aid in NGWA’s mission are impacted. Several coalitions NGWA participates in—like the Coalition for the National Science Foundation and the USGS Coalition—are also likely to weigh in.

NGWA will publish a special edition of the Washington Update on May 29, focusing on the FY2018 budget and what it means for the federal appropriations process.

The President’s budget release will have an impact across agencies and is likely to influence the appropriations process for FY2018. Because the budget is likely to be contentious, some in Congress are already forecasting passage of a year-long continuing resolution to fund the government. This would maintain current levels for federal programs.

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