The Groundwater Foundation, Water Well Trust Complete Well Construction Partnership

Published On: February 23, 2023By Categories: Newsline

The Groundwater Foundation, a charitable organization operated by NGWA, announced it has successfully completed its joint venture with the Water Well Trust constructing water wells for families in need around the United States. The venture featured a $100,000 donation from The Groundwater Foundation toward the construction of the wells.

The organizations successfully drilled eight water wells throughout the country, largely in rural areas where access to clean water can be a logistical and financial challenge. The final construction cost of the wells was more than $110,000 and each well was financed 100% by The Groundwater Foundation at no cost to the families.

The partnership began in January 2020, with a well drilled for the Saleh family in Crete, Illinois. The local fire department had been filling their temporary water system for nearly a year before their new well was constructed.

Other beneficiaries of the program included:

  • The Abrahamson family in Colorado whose well on their family farm collapsed and led to the family and their four children having to use an agricultural well for several months
  • The Nichols family in Georgia who, with a new well, can provide additional care and independence for their child living with Down’s Syndrome
  • Retired U.S. Army veteran Bob Burke who had spent years depending on water from a stream on his property in Tennessee
  • The Thoreson family in rural Wisconsin who live with their seven children and currently use their neighbor’s well to fill up one-gallon jugs for most of their cooking, cleaning, and drinking water
  • The Stainer family in North Carolina who live with their four children and currently rely on a shared well with no formal agreement and are constantly worried about the well’s condition and losing access to it.

“It’s almost impossible for a person to live up to their potential when they are constantly worrying about the basics like access to clean water,” says NGWA CEO Terry S. Morse, CAE, CIC. “I view these wells not just as a way to provide water to people in need, but also to provide them a chance to live a fuller and more complete life. I would like to thank the Water Well Trust for their partnership and commitment to these projects.”

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