Take Charge of Drill Rig Visitors

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Any accident is going to become the responsibility of the owner of the drill rig.

By Gary L. Hix, CWD/PI

Whenever home owners or visitors come out to the drill rig, we assume the responsibility for their protection, health, and safety.

On some job sites, there is a written job safety plan in effect covering this in great detail.  There may even by a designated person to stop, intercept, and host visitors to the drilling project.

But for so many domestic water well contractors, there is probably no such person, or maybe no written plan for the drilling crew to follow when someone walks toward the drilling site.

When I’m at a drill site these days it’s typically as a consultant for the well owner or as a geologist logging cuttings for the well driller. Either way, I feel I have a sense of responsibility to monitor who comes to the drill site and how I can keep them safe while they are there.

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