Subsurface Technologies Secures Improved U.S. Patent for Aqua Gard® Approach

Published On: December 19, 2023By Categories: Newsline

Before treatment with Aqua Gard.

Subsurface Technologies Inc. (STI) announced that it has secured an improved patent for its proprietary Aqua Gard® approach to water well maintenance.

The improved patent covers a mechanism that enhances the process by providing a better distribution of energy over the entire well structure, delivering increased results.

“Aqua Gard is an environmentally-sound and sustainable process that utilizes carbon dioxide instead of harmful chemicals to dislodge buildup in water wells. It also eliminates the need to remove the pump every time the well is treated,” says Chris Catania, president and CEO of STI. “This results in less downtime than traditional well maintenance, normally only a day or less.”

Aqua Gard prevents plugging in water wells by incorporating the permanent placement of energy injection equipment in the well with the pump in place. This allows the well to be effectively maintained with annual service events and limited service interruption. The system can be installed in wells equipped with both submersible and vertical turbine pumps.

After treatment with Aqua Gard.

The new improvements utilize combination energies that provide for an enhanced cleaning effect. The process produces a disruptive energy that releases fines in the surrounding filter pack and formation.

“This proactive approach keeps wells operating efficiently and prevents problems before they become major issues. This has been proven to maintain peak production rates and improve energy efficiency,” says Steven Catania, vice president and COO of STI. “This in turn reduces both pumping energy and long-term maintenance costs.”

The awarding of the improved patent for Agua Gard follows a similar improved patent that was awarded for the Aqua Freed® process in early 2023. This process focuses on the restoration of wells, is also environmentally-sound, and has proven results that are greater than traditional well restoration that uses harmful chemicals. The patent covers the use of combination energies in the process.

The original patent for Aqua Gard was awarded to STI in 2008 and the original patent for Aqua Freed was awarded to STI in 1987. STI maintains licensing relationships for both Aqua Gard and Aqua Freed in Italy, Spain, and Japan. There are also two licensees in the United States. Click here to learn more.

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