Schramm Appoints Craig Mayman as President

Published On: December 18, 2018By Categories: Newsline

Schramm Inc., a global manufacturer of mobile, land-based hydraulic drill rigs, announced the appointment of industry veteran Craig Mayman as president on the first day of Groundwater Week 2018, December 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayman succeeds Schramm veteran James E. Dolan, who retired earlier in 2018.

Mayman, 43, who previously served as Schramm’s vice president of sales and aftermarket, brings decades of experience in the drilling industry with much of that time in the mining sector having worked in manufacturing, sales, and as a drilling contractor. Prior to joining Schramm in 2016 as director of mining and water sales, Mayman was the general manager of Drilling Products International and spent almost a decade with Boart Longyear in various roles from engineering to product management and sales.

From Schramm’s booth at Groundwater Week 2018, Mayman spoke with attendees about the company’s Tier 4 engine compliant T455GT and Fury 130 drilling rigs as well as its range of RC hammers and bits.

Mayman, looking out on the Exhibit Hall floor, shared how the company is in a good position to return to its roots of focusing on the water well and mining markets. The oil and gas market, which was productive from 2007-2013, has declined as of late. This reinforced the need for Schramm to return to its roots.

“A big push from my end is service and aftermarket, including upgrading existing rigs vs. chasing the development of new rig opportunities,” Mayman says. “There is good business in it for us, and our customers really need this support from us too. That’s where our focus is at the moment.”

Mayman is open about the challenges that exist when upgrading existing rigs with new technology. In many cases, it’s more seamless and less challenging to sell a new rig with the technology already in place.

The challenge that lies ahead in a snapshot: Over the last 20-plus years, Mayman estimates Schramm has built about 1300 rigs that are now operating in 60-plus countries across all market segments—mining, water, geothermal, and oil and gas. Many of the customers only own one to two rigs adding to the complexity.

“There are a lot of different customers in a lot of different markets with a lot of different requests. Our biggest challenge is trying to work out how to field the requests and support them in a timely manner,” he says.

As a result, Schramm is focusing on better support for its six dealers throughout the United States and its global distribution network, so the local customer can contact their dealer for assistance. If necessary, the customer can always contact Schramm, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, if their dealer is unable to meet their needs.

Mayman also notes the challenge the industry is facing in designing new rigs that are compliant with Tier 4 engine standards increasing weight and footprint. Yet in contrast drilling contractors want lighter rigs with the same capabilities that don’t require extensive permitting to move them around, putting the onus on rig manufacturers like Schramm to deliver.

However, Mayman is confident Schramm is up to the task.

“This is a mechanical industry, so you need to be able to understand their problems and work out how your products can help find solutions,” Mayman says.

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