Resources Are Available for Water Well Owners Impacted by Wildfires

As attention has recently been focused on the devastation from the recent hurricanes — and how best to deal with flooded water wells — NGWA also wants to alert those in the northwestern parts of the United States being affected by rampant wildfires that there are precautions they should take regarding their well systems.

The Minnesota Department of Health has a document that you can access by clicking here that details what do if there is damage to the well system, water pressure loss, testing for bacteria, and what to do while awaiting testing results.

Click here to access a document from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality that provides advice regarding water systems during a wildfire, as well as information for homeowners with septic systems.

NGWA also has a best suggested practice, Well Systems for Fire Protection Services for Stand-Alone Housing Units, which covers:

  • Design for a residential water well system with consideration of fire protection contingencies
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Tank storage
  • Variable speed drive motors and pump systems
  • Use of a well as a standing column of water storage
  • Connections for fire protection
  • Well systems after a fire event.

The BSP can be downloaded for free in the NGWA Bookstore by clicking here.​

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