REGENESIS Debuts the World’s First Automated Blending and Injection System for In Situ Remediation

Published On: June 28, 2024By Categories: Groundwater Quality, Newsline

REGENESIS announces the launch of the world’s first automated Inline Blending and Injection System (IBIS) for in situ remediation.

This compact, fully automated remediation delivery system enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of in situ remediation applications, saving time and money on high-volume injection projects for soil and groundwater.

Historically, onsite remediation specialists have relied on batch mixing to prepare and apply in situ remediation treatments. The process involves manually measuring liquid volumes of product and water into large mixing tanks, followed by mechanical mixing to produce the final treatment solution, and requires a large footprint for mixing equipment. If multiple products are used, these steps must be repeated for each solution.

REGENESIS’ IBIS leverages advanced, proprietary inline blending technology to streamline the injection application process. Equipped with automated, self-adjusting controls, IBIS ensures an accurate product blend is injected across a project site while maintaining safe operating conditions and continuously logging pertinent data.

“Our team of field scientists and technical engineers spearheaded the development of IBIS, drawing on decades of application experience at every stage of its design,” says Steve Barnes, remediation services director of operations at REGENESIS. “The result is a system that markedly improves operational efficiencies, enhances accuracy and places a paramount emphasis on safety, especially in addressing complex contaminants like PFAS.”

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