PRIMEX Holds First-Ever Factory Training

PRIMEX held its first-ever factory training on September 28-29 at its newest facility in Ashland, Ohio. The training included sessions on quoting capabilities, the ACCEL Panel Program, panel characteristics, understanding incoming power, level sensing, remote monitoring, VFDs, configured controllers, Pump Watch Express, iControl/SCADA, and more. All attendees experienced hands-on product training with control panels, controllers, and the KwikSwitch system, as well as a tour of the 50,000 square foot facility.

PRIMEX plans on holding more factory trainings in the future. They provide an excellent opportunity to get an in-depth education on PRIMEX products, as well as industry knowledge. These trainings are geared towards more technical content, with an emphasis on hands-on troubleshooting and field applications. Attendees of all experience levels are welcome and can expect to leave the training feeling confident in their knowledge of PRIMEX products.

For more information or to inquire about attending an upcoming training, visit