Planning Phase of Nebraska State Capitol HVAC Project Nearing Completion

The two-year planning phase of the Nebraska State Capitol HVAC replacement project to convert to a ground source heating and cooling system is nearing completion. Two thermal conductivity test wells were drilled on March 27 (photo at right). The bidding process for the project was to follow.

The first visible phase of the project will be construction of the wellfield for the ground source heating and cooling system, expected to begin in June. The eight-year construction phase will require the temporary relocation of every office in the Capitol to allow contractor access.

The wellfield phase of the construction project is expected to take 15 months. While the wellfield is being put in place (site outlined in white in photo at left), the pipes carrying the heat transfer fluid to and from the Capitol through a closed loop system will be installed under K Street using underground directional boring. At the northeast corner of the Capitol site, the pipes will turn south to enter on the east side of the building. The work on the Capitol grounds will be visible through a combination of open trenching and directional boring.

Photos provided courtesy of the Office of the Nebraska Capitol Commission.

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