OSHA Postpones Crane Operator Certification Requirement

The Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration had a public teleconference on June 20 to discuss the postponement of the new crane regulations (1926.1400 Subpart CC), which had a scheduled enforcement date of November 10, 2017. The regulation requires all crane operators in the construction industry operating a crane with a maximum capacity greater than 2000 pounds will need to be nationally certified.

The operator certification requirement does not apply to a “dedicated drill rig” [OSHA 1926.1400(C)(11)]. Although a pump rig is not specifically mentioned as equipment excluded from this requirement, a pump hoist does not fit OSHA’s definition of a crane. The requirement only applies to a crane, which OSHA defines as:
…power-operated equipment, when used in construction, that can hoist, lower, and horizontally move a suspended load. [OSHA 1926.1400(a)]
OSHA proposed delaying the enforcement date until November 10, 2018, and although the date is not final, it will likely be postponed. Updates will be posted on the OSHA website at www.osha.gov/cranes-derricks/index.html​, or you can contact OSHA with questions by emailing Dean McKenzie, director, directorate of construction at mckenzie.dean@dol.gov.
For more information on how OSHA classifies dedicated drilling rigs and pump hoists, read the June 2017 Water Well Journal article.

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