NGWA Seeks Comments on NGWA 01-2X Water Well Construction Standard

NGWA is seeking public and industry comments on its NGWA-01-2X Water Well Construction Standard, last revised in 2017 with the ultimate objective of it becoming an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standard.

In accordance with ANSI’s process, the NGWA 01-2X Water Well Construction Standard is posted on Standards Action and comments must be submitted as outlined by the November 1 deadline.  The NGWA Standard Development Oversight Task Group will be accepting and public comments on the standard throughout the review process.

The Water Well Construction Standard is a performance standard encompassing municipal, residential, agricultural, monitoring, and industrial water production wells. Sections include:

  • Well site selection
  • Casing and casing installation
  • Screens, filter pack, and formation stabilizer
  • Plumbness and alignment
  • Well development
  • Testing for performance
  • Data recording
  • Disinfection with chlorine
  • Water sampling and analysis
  • Permanent well and test-hole decommissioning

The standard review process is crucial to ensure an open, unbiased document that has been available to any interested parties for comment and review.

For more information, contact Mark Jones at, or (800) 551-7379 (614 898-7791), ext. 1514.