NGWA Publishes First Children’s Book on Importance of Water Well Professionals

NGWA has published its first children’s book, Mr. Mouse Gets a New Water Well, which tells the story of the services provided by water well professionals.

The 24-page book, authored by Dave Schulenberg and illustrated by Mark Poe, is available in the NGWA bookstore after debuting at Groundwater Week 2023. In it, Mr. Mouse needs water for his house at Great Big Tree and enlists Mr. Otter’s Water Services.

The book shows Mr. Mouse realizing the value of water, Mr. Otter visiting Mr. Mouse’s house and establishing the need for a new well, and a professional crew drilling the well and bringing a water line into the house and hooking it up.

The book is an ideal and fun way for young children at home or in classrooms to learn that water doesn’t just come from a faucet. It not only comes from the ground, it is also provided by talented, trained groundwater professionals.

Click here to order your copy today. You can also call (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, or email to order your copy.

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