NGWA Joins Effort to Promote Federal Support for Flood Mitigation

More than 20 national organizations and countless state groups are urging the U.S. Congress to follow the success of state revolving loan funds and create a new revolving loan fund to support flood mitigation efforts.

NGWA joined this effort in conjunction with its recent activity highlighting the effects flooding can have on groundwater resources. These impacts were seen recently in the aftermath of Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Since 2000, flood-related disasters have cost governments more than $750 billion. A group of organizations, including NGWA, American Society of Civil Engineers, National Hazard Mitigation Association, and others are urging Congress to find a more cost-effective means to mitigate damage from floods and rebuild in a way that reduces effects in the future.

Concerns like flooded wells, drinking water contamination, and constraints on water resources would be addressed by directing funds to states through a state flood mitigation revolving loan fund. Unlike the revolving loan funds supporting drinking water and wastewater improvement, the revolving loan fund created by this effort would be funded through Federal Emergency Management Agency dollars.

Given the short timeline before the conclusion of the 115th Congress, the groups involved are hoping to see movement in the lame duck session of Congress.