NGWA Director of Science and Technology Publishes New Book

NGWA Director of Science and Technology Bill Alley, Ph.D., and his wife, Rosemarie, have published a new book titled The Water Recycling Revolution: Tapping into the Future.

The book is their fourth together and encourages readers to move past the “yuck factor” by learning about the benefits and science behind recycling wastewater to combat climate change.

Questions such as “what about pharmaceuticals and personal care products that people flush down the drain” and “will diverting discharges from a wastewater treatment plant damage downstream users or ecosystems” are tackled by delving into the history of major water recycling projects from around the country. Additional concerns addressed include pathogens, contaminants of emerging concern, achieving acceptable risk, onsite and decentralized reuse systems, and direct potable reuse.

The book will be available for sale at Groundwater Week 2022, December 6-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Alley will participate in a book signing from 12-1 p.m. on December 8 at the on-site NGWA Bookstore in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The book will be available for sale online at after Groundwater Week. Two books by the Alleys are currently available in the online NGWA Bookstore: High and Dry: Meeting the Challenges of the World’s Dependence on Groundwater, which examines groundwater from key scientific and socioeconomic perspectives, and The War on the EPA, which examines the daunting hurdles facing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in its critical roles in drinking water, air and water pollution, climate change, and toxic chemicals, while detailing some of today’s most pressing environmental problems.