Mount Sopris Instruments Steps Up for Colorado Family

Published On: July 28, 2022By Categories: Newsline

Mount Sopris Instruments Co. Inc. donated staff time and equipment to The Groundwater Foundation for the drilling of a 500-foot water well in June in Sterling, Colorado.

Through a partnership with the Water Well Trust, The Groundwater Foundation funded the new well for the Abrahamson family, whose previous well had collapsed and was unable to be rehabbed. Prior to the new well being drilled, the family spent months buying bottled water and utilizing an old water well designated for agricultural use.

At the drill site, Mount Sopris Geophysical Engineer Hanna Flamme, pictured here, used a geophysical logging tool, manufactured by Mount Sopris, to analyze the well and collect data on the depths of different sands and clays. The data was then used by the drilling team to determine the prime location for the placement of the well screen.

M & S Drilling Inc. of Sterling, Colorado, was hired as the primary contractor to drill the well.

“It’s a real honor to be able to use these tools to help a family in need,” Flamme said. “We love to do this work and when we can support our community at the same time it’s a good day!”

Mount Sopris Instruments is based in Denver, Colorado, and is owned and operated by Jim LoCoco, CPG, who serves on the NGWA Board of Directors.

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