More Than 40 Superfund Sites Are in Path of Hurricane Florence

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says more than 40 contaminated sites, oil facilities, and properties with special emergency response plans are in the path of Hurricane Florence.

The 41 sites are along the Eastern seaboard in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The EPA also assessed sites on September 13 in Georgia. Before the storm was set to arrive, the EPA reviewed the vulnerability of Superfund sites in coastal zones that Florence could hit.

According to a Bloomberg News article, the EPA’s approach to cleaning up contaminated sites doesn’t leave many options for companies seeking to protect their sites from threats like hurricanes and floods. Short-term measures exist, according to the article, such as pumping water out of lagoons to reduce the chances of them spilling over or closing down wells to prevent water from contaminating aquifers.

The EPA announced on September 11 the addition of five hazardous waste sites to the Superfund program, many of which have contaminated groundwater.

NGWA has prepared a resource center on hurricanes and groundwater housed on its website for consumers, Included is information on how to protect well systems before and after the storm. Access the site here.