Matrix Construction Products Hires Jeff Quinn as Senior Account Manager

Jeff Quinn is a senior account manager for Matrix Construction Products, where he responsible for business development for new drilling fluid sales, coordinating in the field service and company-based training in the construction drilling industry—expressly in the uses and techniques of polymer-based drilling fluids and additive products for successful and timely project completions.

Among other distinctions in the field Quinn has been involved as a driller, project manager, and customer sales in all facets of the drilling industry since 1982. With experience gained on projects both small and large, vertical and horizontal including the historic “Big Dig” in Boston, Massachusetts, and over a decade of Armed Forces base closures and reconstructions giving him extensive experience and knowledge to draw on for customers benefits.

Living in New England and travelling extensively around the country has given Quinn constant exposure to the practice of drilling with polymers and fluid additives while gaining him a noted reputation as the “go-to person” for field expertise and problem solving and being referred to by many as the “Mud Man” in the Eastern United States.