Industry Leader Passes Away

Scott Orr, pump division manager for Hydro Resources–Rocky Mountain Inc. in Fort Lupton, Colorado, passed away in July. He was 59.

Orr served in that position for 35 years. He also wrote and published many articles on water management and received many awards in his field through the course of his career. He served as a regular columnist for NGWA’s weekly member e-publication, NGWA Newszine, writing on water systems. He was a mentor, teacher, and leader in his field.

He loved the outdoors and was an avid skier on water and snow. His passion for water sports was parlayed into a lifelong career in water management. He began working for the Adams City Pump Co. in Commerce City, Colorado. He later joined the fledgling company AmWest Inc., and worked with his close friend and mentor, John Covert, to build a water management company famous throughout the Midwest and West. AmWest later became part of Hydro Resources.

“He truly was an icon in our industry and certainly no one in Colorado can come close to his level of understanding and expertise. Certainly, Colorado and our whole industry suffered a great loss with his passing,” said Todd Hunter, CWD/PI, owner of Ground Water Pump Systems in Boulder, Colorado, who serves on the NGWA Board of Directors.