GTD Desco Announces Partnership with Earth Drilling and Subterra Renewables

Published On: May 30, 2024By Categories: Geothermal Technology, Newsline

GTD Desco announces a significant partnership with Earth Drilling Co. Ltd. and Subterra Renewables, which have purchased three GT60DD ‘Double-Head’ drill rigs along with supporting GTD ‘Mud Guzzler’ MG-500 solids handling systems.

This acquisition is aimed at expanding and enhancing their ground source geothermal drilling operations in Toronto, California, as Earth Drilling currently operates 61 drilling rigs across North America.

“We are extremely excited about this collaboration with GTD Desco,” says JP Wegleitner, president and CEO of Earth Drilling. “As we streamlined our operations, it became paramount to partner with a single supplier moving forward. With our commitment to health and safety and maximizing efficiencies in our drilling processes, it was clear that GTD Desco was the right fit.

“The GT60DD’s exceptional rod handling system, with a huge on-board capacity of 20ft rods, combined with its ability to install casing quickly, efficiently, and safely, made these double-head rigs the clear choice for us. We were looking for a partner for growth, not just an equipment supplier, and GTD has proven to be the ideal match with what we believe to be the best geothermal drilling equipment available today. Their combination of direct factory support and expert local service is an invaluable asset, helping us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Jeff Calow, vice president of operations of GTD Desco, North America, says: “Earth Drilling holds paramount industry-leading safety and performance standards, with a strong reputation in the industry, drawing on only the best people and equipment. These core attributes and vision are shared by GTD Desco. They now continue a long history of embracing a new generation of drilling, with the introduction of the GT Series ‘Double-Head’ drill rigs and our ‘Mud Guzzler’ mud recycling systems, to embrace the huge growth potential of ground source geothermal drilling in North America. The rigs and equipment will be delivered in 2024.”

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