Grundfos’ Dan Story Is Named President of Water Systems Council

Grundfos Business Development Director of Water Intake Dan Story was named president of the Water Systems Council early this year.

A third-generation groundwater professional, Story has spent 17 years at Grundfos. From 2012-2020, he served as Grundfos’ vice president of sales for groundwater and irrigation business in the United States. As vice president of business development, Story now oversees global business development for the groundwater, irrigation, solar, and flood control markets.

“It’s an incredible honor to be named the president of an organization that does so much to protect and promote the groundwater industry,” Story says. “Private wells are an underutilized resource in addressing our water infrastructure problems in the United States. We as an industry must educate the general public on modern water well systems and how they are very effective in delivering safe, clean water to Americans.”