Groundwater Week 2017 Finishes Strong

NGWA’s Groundwater Week 2017 saw 4331 descend December 5-7 on Nashville, making it the most attended non-Las Vegas show in its 69-year history. It marks the 19th most attended show and drew attendees from 36 countries, in addition to the United States.

Groundwater Week’s 279 exhibitors occupied 69,372 square feet of exhibit space. The sold-out Exhibit Hall had 25 first-time exhibitors.

This marked the 13th time the NGWA Groundwater Summit has been held, but the first time it took place alongside Groundwater Week as it ran December 4-7. The Summit drew 325 attendees from 10 countries, in addition to the United States. Here is the breakdown of attendance:

  • 1715 contractors (14th largest attendance)
  • 1421 manufacturers (10th largest attendance)
  • 543 suppliers (10th largest in attendance)
  • 525 scientists and engineers (5th largest in attendance)
  • 127 others.

“Attending Groundwater Week 2017 and the 2017 Groundwater Summit in Nashville for the first time was extremely humbling while at the same time very rewarding,” said new NGWA CEO Terry Morse in a video interview.

“I got to experience the energy and networking among our members and partners within the industry. The workshops were packed and the exhibit hall had great traffic. This was evident due to the large attendance, including the Groundwater Summit, our preeminent technical conference for scientists and engineers. Next year will be one of new beginnings—for me as well as NGWA—as we will work toward bringing our members more value.”

Groundwater Week returned to Nashville’s Music City Center, which hosted the annual event and trade show in its first year being open in 2013. As always, Groundwater Week and Groundwater Summit offered a diverse lineup of workshops and concurrent sessions.

Groundwater Week workshops were organized in the following categories: Business management. Drilling operations and well construction. Personal development. Water quality. Sustainable and available groundwater. Safety and compliance. Water systems. Well maintenance and rehabilitation.

The Groundwater Summit featured concurrent sessions on the following topics: Groundwater and integrated water management. Groundwater modeling. Groundwater monitoring. Groundwater remediation, including combined remedies. Invited hydrogeophysics papers from SAGEEP. Karst hydrology. Mississippi alluvial plain groundwater project. Surface water/groundwater interaction. Managed aquifer recharge. Availability and sustainability.

The NGWA Activity Areas located in the Exhibit Hall were back for the fourth consecutive year. They were designed so attendees could learn skills applicable to their job in a close setting for interaction. Among the sessions were: “Enhancements in Thermally Enhanced Grouts for Ground Sourced Heating and Cooling Systems,” “Continuous Improvements in Low-Flow Sampling Techniques, Equipment, and Software,” “Drones and Groundwater Resources,” and Drill Rig Safety and Maintenance 101.”

Patrick Casarez; Richard Layman, MGWC, CVCLD; Brian Snelten, PG; and David Traut, MGWC, CVCLD, were elected to the NGWA Board of Directors during the Delegates Reception and Meeting. Casarez, Snelten, and Traut were elected to their second terms as NGWA directors, while this marks Layman’s first term. There were 281 delegates in attendance, nearly 100 more than the 2013 Nashville show.

Outgoing NGWA President Todd Hunter, CWD/PI, designated time to acknowledge NGWA CEO Kevin McCray, CAE, who is retiring at the end of the year after 22 years as CEO and more than 35 years of employment at the Association. Multiple standing ovations were given for McCray’s service to NGWA during the Delegates Meeting. McCray gave his final remarks as CEO of NGWA, praising his staff and volunteers before thanking his family, which was in attendance.

David Henrich, CWD/PI, CVCLD, became the new NGWA president, receiving the gavel from Hunter. Henrich said he looks forward to working alongside Morse and the four membership sections in 2018.

The 2018 candidates elected to serve on the Scientists and Engineers Section Board are:

  • Erica DiFillipo, Ph.D. (elected to a second term)
  • Miln Harvey, Ph.D., PG
  • W. Richard Laton, Ph.D., PG, CHG, CPG, EG (elected to a second term)
  • Tess Russo, Ph.D.
  • Rodney Sheets
  • Tim Parker, PG, will serve as the vice chair of the sectional board.

The NGWA Foundation Fundraising Auction was held in the Exhibit Hall for the third consecutive year and raised $28,180. The Foundation has now raised $572,181 over the last 16 Fundraising Auctions.

NGWA has sent Groundwater Week and Groundwater Summit attendees the handouts and PowerPoint presentations from presenters who gave their consent. If you have any questions regarding these, contact Yuliya Vanchosovych at More Groundwater Week coverage will be featured in the February 2018 issue of Water Well Journal along with an online photo slideshow at the publication’s website.

And mark your calendar: Groundwater Week 2018 will take place December 4-6 in Las Vegas. The Groundwater Summit will again take place alongside Groundwater Week and is December 3-5.

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