Groundwater Awareness Week Raises Public Awareness Throughout the U.S.

Published On: March 20, 2017By Categories: Newsline

Hundreds of diverse organizations did their part to raise public awareness about groundwater during the 2017 edition of Groundwater Awareness Week, which ended March 11. More than 200 news stories were printed, broadcast, or posted promoting groundwater awareness during the week.

Among them were groups that chose to be “Groundwater Advocates” by contacting the National Ground Water Association in advance of Awareness Week to commit to raise public awareness of groundwater. See the list here.

The best way to experience the scope of what organizations did to promote Groundwater Awareness Week is to check out this Google search.

Also, here is just a small sampling of some innovative awareness initiatives:

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Heron Instruments Inc.
Kentucky Division of Water
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
Miami-Dade County (FL)
New York Department of Environmental Conservation
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
University of Wisconsin Extension
U.S. Geological Survey
Wake County (NC) Environmental Services Department
Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

It’s not too soon to think about how your business or organization can do the same to raise awareness about groundwater protection on Protect Your Groundwater Day on September 5.

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