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It’s July and summer is in full swing. And since it is summer, your water well business is hopefully in full swing too.
July makes us think of backyard barbeques and fireworks. But in the flurry of fun activities we can forget the reason for the season.

Of course the Fourth of July commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was this very act that led us to own our own businesses.

Sometimes I think we forget the freedoms our country gives to us. Americans seem so polarized these days. If I say up you may say down simply to have the opposite opinion—and that’s perfectly OK. In fact, it’s the exact freedom of opinion that our forefathers fought for.

But I have to ask: What have you done recently to exercise your freedom to do business? Our ancestors fought for our freedoms, one of which was the freedom to do business under the free enterprise system.

Do you sometimes feel like your business is being overrun by legislation and rules that you don’t understand? Do you come across issues that you feel pit your business against the rest of the world? Are you doing anything to mitigate your circumstances?

One of the ways you can mitigate your circumstances is to connect with groups that have common interests. Organizations like the National Ground Water Association and the National Federation of Independence are national groups that have your business interests in mind.

NGWA is fighting for the interests of your groundwater business every day and keeps you informed on how federal laws may be affecting you and your customers. NFIB supports small business owners from all across the business spectrum and does its best to ensure that federal laws don’t have a negative impact on small business.

It’s also important to become involved in your local groundwater associations. Almost every state has a groundwater association, and many areas have regional and even local associations.

I think it’s important to get to know your competition through these meetings. Sometimes there is unnecessary rivalry among competitors. We are all groundwater professionals facing the same issues. It’s only when we come together as a group that some of these problems can be solved.

I urge you to make it a point this July to do some research into the types of organizations available in your area that support small business. Seek out these organizations and find out how you can become involved in protecting your freedom to do business.

Your ancestors fought for the right for you to do business in America. What are you doing to protect that freedom?

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