Flomatic Valves Expands with New Facility

A constant innovator, Flomatic Valves grows with a new modernized facility to celebrate its 85th anniversary.

With an expanded manufacturing range of valves in a wide selection of body materials and temperature and pressure range options for use in a variety of industries, Flomatic Valves has earned a reputation for high quality valves built to last.

Dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high quality American-made valves, Flomatic is an internationally recognized company for quality, innovation, and cost efficiency. It continues to build a foundation for success which starts by meeting each customer’s need, a goal that started here in the United States.

To celebrate its 85th anniversary, Flomatic has expanded its New York manufacturing plant by 19,000 square feet. It is fully operational and will ultimately increase its manufacturing capacity by nearly 50%; a spectacular reason to celebrate!

“Flomatic started in 1933, more than 85 years ago, as a small valve manufacturer with a small bronze foundry in upstate New York. Since then, we have substantially increased our valve product and we now offer valves ¼ inch all the way up to 36 inches.

The addition to our factory will help us meet our customers’ demands and improve our overall operation and quality programs, as we have also built a new state-of-the-art R&D lab, as well as a training center for customers, employees, engineers, and contractors,” says President and longtime industry leader Bo Andersson.

Flomatic’s new facility is impressive and beautiful to say the least. Standing on its new research lab mezzanine and looking through 20-foot-high glass windows, the peaceful Hudson River is visible and one will often see migrating geese that have just returned from a long and cold winter. There, it is easy to see why the folks at Flomatic “breathe” valves and feel the work they do is important.

Bo Andersson, President of Flomatic Valves

Flomatic has developed a culture for more than eight decades that is passionate about addressing and serving their customers’ needs first.

“Passion for what we do is the most critical element for us,” Andersson says.

Adds Nick Farrara, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Flomatic, “When you look around the water well industry, what do you see? I see a family of companies that are all working together to bring the most critical and important of all-natural resources to the many families here in the United States—and that is water. Customers know they can trust Flomatic because they know our valves will last and perform.

We know we are not the cheapest valves around, nor do we intend to be. We utilize the best raw materials in the market, dedicate a significant amount of resources to measure and improve all our quality processes, and continue to invest in research and development year after year.

Compromising any of these would mean compromising quality and the trust that millions of Americans and thousands of contractors have for us.”

When you walk the floors of its facility, you sense a distinct feeling of pride on what every Flomatic employee does: their customer service always with a smile on their face, their shipping and receiving department hustling with pride, and all the machine operators focused and dedicated.

This is one truly great American company, serving big and small towns in our great country, with one goal—to build high quality valves built to last.