Federal Strategy Announced for Desalination

A plan for using desalination as a tool for groundwater sustainability was unveiled by the President Donald. J. Trump administration with the input of several federal agencies on March 22.

While most desalination efforts are made by local governments and utilities, the National Science and Technology Council’s Coordinated Strategic Plan to Advance Desalination for Enhanced Water Security provided three goals for federal involvement.

  • Goal 1: Reduce risk and streamline local planning to support desalination
  • Goal 2: Reduce technical and economic barriers to enable desalination technology usage
  • Goal 3: Encourage national and international cooperation to innovate and develop desalination technologies.

The plan was 28 pages and not only addresses the desalination of ocean water, but also removing the salts from brackish groundwater and produced water from the oil and gas industry.

The Trump Administration stated the nation depends on a robust water infrastructure system and continued access to safe, secure, and affordable sources of water. It has emphasized desalination as a tool with the Department of Energy soliciting applications to host a $100 million desalination technology research center.

Read the National Ground Water Association’s information brief on brackish groundwater.