EPA Releases Draft Toxicity Assessment for Two PFAS Chemicals; Seeks Public Input

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released draft toxicity values for chemicals known as GenX and perfluorobutane sulfonic acid (PFBS)—chemicals in the PFAS family used as replacements for PFOA and PFOS.

GenX and PFBS were seen as potentially safer alternatives to PFOA and PFOS, but the draft toxicity values proposed highlight exposure to these alternatives is also harmful.

The draft toxicity values provide EPA’s best assessment as to how much of the chemicals are acceptable before adverse health impacts may occur. Assessing toxicity represents the first step in determining whether additional action to protect public health should be taken.

The EPA announced it does not have plans to regulate these chemicals at this time, but will provide the information to state, tribal, and local governments to help them take any local action necessary.

Release of the draft toxicity values provides an opportunity for NGWA to provide comments during a 60-day public comment period reinforcing the Association’s message that more federal regulatory certainty is needed for certain PFAS chemicals, including PFBS and GenX.

If interested in working with NGWA to prepare comments, or if you would like information on how to submit your own comments, to the EPA, please contact NGWA Director of Government Affairs Lauren Schapker at lschapker@ngwa.org.