Entegra Attachments Announces Purchase of Bloom Manufacturing

A new holding company, Entegra Attachments LLC of Saint Charles, Illinois, acquired Bloom Manufacturing Inc., a 110-year-old manufacturer of standard and custom designed hydraulic winches, speed reducers, parts and accessories located in Independence, Iowa, in July.

Michael Flannery, Entegra’s CEO, says “Bloom’s unique value proposition and 110-year legacy of high-quality products, backed by substantial intimate knowledge and engineering expertise, is exactly the unique mix we were looking for. We believe Bloom’s significant service attributes along with a wide array of standard and custom designs tailored to customer’s unique needs and further enhanced by increased investment offers strong potential for sustained growth.”

Bloom’s business designation has been slightly modified to Bloom Manufacturing LLC.

Mark Collett, current president, says “The LLC designation is the only thing that will change with respect to who Bloom Manufacturing is and what we stand for. I chose to sell to Entegra due to their desire to maintain the same strong product and service mix that Bloom’s customers have relied on for many decades.

“With increased investment from our new owners, we will be able to expand this powerful one-stop shop source for the highest quality hydraulic winches and speed reducers available in the market today.”

Josh Weig, Bloom’s general manager, stated that he and the entire Bloom team are enthused about the next exciting chapter in Bloom Manufacturing’s story that J.S. Bloom began in 1910. From its first product, a wooden corn crusher system, which evolved to other agriculture material handling products and eventually into winch and speed reducer systems, one can only imagine what the future holds for this very creative and entrepreneurial company.”