Disaster Assistance Funding Levels Announced for Drinking Water and Sewer Systems Impacted by 2017 Hurricanes

As part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, the Rural Utilities Service Water and Environmental Programs (WEP) received $165,475,000 in supplemental grant funding of which $163,475,000 is available for repairs to drinking water systems, and sewer and solid waste disposal systems impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. States impacted include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas, and the territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

An eligible facility must serve a rural area. The term “rural area” means a city, town, or unincorporated area that has a population of no more than 50,000 inhabitants. Projects funded by the agency may be located in nonrural areas, but the grant funds must repair only the portion of the facility serving and benefiting rural areas.

The grant funds can only be used to repair damages to drinking water systems or sewer and solid waste disposal systems caused by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, or Maria. If repairs to a system are not economically feasible or cost-effective due to the extent of the damage, WEP will consider replacement (as opposed to repair) on a case-by-case basis.

Unless otherwise specified, applications will be accepted on a continual basis until funds are exhausted. Click here to read the full notice.

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