Diedrich Drill Hires Brian Siwinski as Drilling Specialist–Safety/Operations/Application

CK Drill, DBA Diedrich Drill has announced the hiring of Brian Siwinski for the role of drilling specialist–safety/operations/application effective October 30.

Siwinski brings 33-plus years of industry experience including drilling operations, managing drilling services, and contract Administration. In addition, he has extensive experience as an end user of the Diedrich Drill rigs and tooling having been directly involved in the purchase of dozens of geotechnical and environmental rigs.

In this role Siwinski will support all Diedrich customers by delivering safety trainings, operational instruction and insight, and by tackling tough field applications. He will be available to all customers before during and after the sale to drive value and support efforts to improve their operation efficiencies and most importantly safety programs.

“Brian brings the type intimate industry knowledge and experience that our customers demand and deserve. We are very excited about Brian’s addition to the Diedrich Drill team and look forward to the opportunity he will have to work alongside so many of the professionals in our industry,” stated Mark Rothwell, CEO of Diedrich Drill.


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