CVSA Releases 2022 International Roadcheck Results

CVSA-certified inspectors conducted 59,026 inspections and placed 12,456 commercial motor vehicles and 3714 commercial motor vehicle drivers out of service during the three days of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck.

This year, inspectors in Canada and the United States conducted 36,555 Level I Inspections and inspectors in Mexico conducted 1150 Level V Inspections, for a combined total of 37,705 Level I and V Inspections. They placed 8718 vehicles out of service, which is a 23.1% vehicle out-of-service rate for North America.

Out of the 48,966 Level I and II Inspections conducted in Canada and the United States, 11,181 vehicles were placed out of service, which is a 22.8% vehicle out-of-service rate, and 3118 drivers were placed out of service, which is a 6.4% driver out-of-service rate.

That also means that 77.2% of the vehicles and 93.6% of the drivers inspected did not have out-of-service violations. Vehicles that do not have any critical vehicle inspection item violations, after a Level I or V Inspection, are eligible to receive a CVSA decal. The CVSA decal, valid for up to three consecutive months after inspection, is a visual indicator that signals to inspectors that the vehicle has “passed inspection.” Inspectors distributed 14,200 CVSA decals, which were placed on 10,135 power units, 3876 trailers, and 189 motorcoaches.

All inspection levels

On May 17-19, inspectors conducted a total of 58,287 North American Standard Inspections, which consisted of:

  • 36,555 Level I Inspections — this 37-step process checks the driver’s operating credentials and requirements and the vehicle’s mechanical fitness and regulatory compliance
  • 12,411 Level II Inspections — this inspection involves reviewing the driver’s operating credentials and requirements and includes only vehicle inspection items that can be inspected without the inspector physically getting under the vehicle
  • 8171 Level III Inspections — this is the driver credentials and operating requirements inspection
  • 1150 Level V Inspections — this inspection involves vehicle inspection items and may be conducted without a driver present, at any location.

A commercial motor vehicle is placed out of service when an inspector finds critical vehicle inspection item out-of-service violations, which are outlined in CVSA’s North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria, during a roadside inspection. Being placed out of service means the driver or vehicle is prohibited from operation for a specified period of time or until the violation is corrected.

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