Continuation of Geothermal Heat Pump Tax Credits Is Uncertain

U.S. Senators have until July 26 to submit to the Senate Finance Committee tax provisions they want maintained in a reformed tax code. Provisions not on the so-called “pardon’s list” may not make it into a revised tax code.

Earlier this year, NGWA Washington Fly-in attendees visited their congressional members to discuss the importance of geothermal heat pumps to jobs, energy savings, and energy independence.

NGWA’s Washington, D.C ., representative Laine Glisson is circling back with key Senate offices to discuss the latest Finance Committee development and the importance geothermal heat pump tax credits play in encouraging the use of this technology.

The geothermal heat pump market is one that NGWA members believe can help them maintain and grow their business. NGWA is working in Washington, D.C., to help maintain or extend the geothermal heat pump tax credits in order to assist members in growing their businesses as well as in addressing the nation’s energy needs in an environmentally sustainable manner.