Chairman Says Congress is Close to Striking PFAS Deal in Defense Bill

U.S. House of Representative Adam Smith (D-Washington) indicated on November 13 that both the House and Senate have resolved their differences over which provisions concerning per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) should remain in the annual defense authorization bill.

Smith, the House Armed Services Committee chairman, said an agreement has been struck on setting a deadline for the Pentagon to adopt a replacement firefighting foam that doesn’t contain PFAS as well as requiring the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to establish federal drinking water regulations for PFAS.

According to Bloomberg Environment, still in disagreement between the House and Senate is whether PFAS should be added to the EPA’s hazardous substances list. If this were to happen, the Pentagon would be required to pay for cleanups at PFAS-contaminated sites under the EPA’s Superfund program.

“If passed, this agreement is a positive first step in a long road toward long-lasting solutions regarding PFAS,” NGWA Federal Affairs Director John Farner said. “I look forward to NGWA continuing to play an important leadership role regarding PFAS, ensuring our nation’s groundwater resources are safe and sustainable for generations to come.”

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