California Groundwater Association Works with California Air Resources Board on Future Emission Standards

Published On: May 26, 2023By Categories: Newsline

The California Groundwater Association met with representatives from the on-road truck program of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) on March 20 in a virtual meeting to discuss a variety of topics.

Among the issues discussed were the uniqueness of water well drilling rigs, the small business aspect of the industry, the importance of groundwater to California, the lack of infrastructure on the typical jobsite, and the transition toward vehicle electrification by CARB.

While CARB is mandated to follow the State Implementation Plan (SIP), the CGA learned that there is recognition that some fleets and diesel vehicle types will be more difficult to electrify with current technology. For example, the Advanced Clean Fleet Regulation that begins in 2024 for “F250 and larger” trucks with 50 trucks or $50 million in revenue has a specialty equipment category with separate phase-in requirements.

Additionally, the 2036 requirement for truck sales to be zero emissions vehicles (ZEV) will still allow for the ongoing registration of trucks up to 18 years old or with 800,000 miles under the provisions of the 2017 Senate Bill 1.

Large carve-outs from emissions compliance are unlikely at this point. Funding for compliance will continue through grants with the three-year funding plan updated every year with the funding policy shifting towards zero electric vehicles (ZEV) as technology advances. For instance, funding is available through certain utility providers for base charging stations to promote fleet electrification. Also, the Inflation Reduction Act can provide up to a $40,000 credit towards an electric vehicle. In some cases, hybrid trucks may count as a ZEV.

“While CARB is here to stay and the rules are not going to be repealed, we as an industry need to understand this and begin to realize that we are also in a unique position to lead the charge as we advance technology and our abilities to overcome hurdles,” wrote CGA President Cliff Fasnacht in an email to members on May 22.

“We continue to maximize our resources as we work with our various legislative branches to help them understand our unique industry needs. It is so very important to understand the need to continue to elevate our industry to the true embodiment of being groundwater professionals, which includes being good stewards of our environment and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and carbon footprints.”

For more information, contact CGA Executive Director Dave Schulenberg at or call (916) 231-2134.

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