BLM Suspends and Delays Parts of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste Prevention Rule

The Bureau of Land Management on December 8 suspended requirements that leaking storage vessels receiving hydraulic fracturing flowback wastewater be upgraded promptly if not replaced.

BLM is also delaying leak detection, repair, and reporting requirements for sites and equipment used to store, measure, or dispose of flowback water on federal or Indian leases until January 17, 2019. Additionally, operators will not be required to submit waste minimization plans until that same date.

This rule is effective on January 8, 2018.

Other requirements are also affected in this action. BLM will be reviewing these requirements and issuing a proposed rulemaking in the future.

Groundwater may be at risk in areas of BLM lands with active hydraulic fracturing activities. NGWA members working on these BLM sites should check on rule implementation in their areas.

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