Binational Ground Source Heat Pump Standard Introduced

The binational 2016 edition of the ANSI/CSA C448 standard for the design and installation of ground source heat pump systems for commercial and residential buildings was recently released by CSA Group, in partnership with the Geothermal Exchange Organization and other industry stakeholders from the United States and Canada.

While the standard has existed in Canada since 2002, it is new this year in the United States.

“As we were closing out the 2013 edition, we heard from stakeholders who said they wish we had a standard like this in the U.S., which indicated to us a need. So, shortly after that, we did a public consultation to identify any interested stakeholders if we were to embark upon this as a binational standard, and there was a lot of interest, so we knew we were on the right track,” said Muktha Tumkur, PE, project manager for CSA Group.

“It provides information on how to size the unit, given the application, as well as specific requirements for the different types of installations, and there are key needs that are required in terms of actually installing these systems. As you can imagine, with the types of drilling involved in this industry, there are a lot of environmental stakeholders that are concerned if it’s not done properly. So, we included key elements of concern for those regulators and those stakeholders within the standards, as well, and we cite a lot of work from the National Ground Water Association in that respect.”

Read the full May 2 article from The NEWS here.

To learn more about the standard, attend NGWA’s online brown bag session, The Force from the Ground—the New ANSI/CSA Binational Standard for Ground Source Heat Pumps, taking place June 21.